June 2022 Site Update

For June 2022, although my website looks similar on the front end, I re-created the entire site with a few changes.

A home page!

This might sound very weird, but the purpose of this website is to have a single place with all of my useful snippets and processes. This is why I never really had a real “home page” to capture leads – essentially my home page used to be my blog post list. Since I started posting my snippets online, I have had a lot of people reach out to me to know more about myself – I thought having a home page, which very briefly outlines my experience, would be a nice touch.

Siteground hosting

I migrated my site from Hostarmada to Siteground hosting! It was quite a big leap for me but I do not regret it one bit. Siteground offers tonnes of control options via their Site Tools page (Siteground’s version of cPanel) and their optimisation plugin works flawlessly with their hosting.


If you inspect the website, you may notice a lot more variables being used and there’s a simple reason for this – in addition to being able to quickly and easily changing property values, I am planning on re-introducing a dark mode to this site (watch this space!). To easily toggle stylings for elements, I figured it would be easier to switch variable properties instead of the property of the elements themselves. There will be no framework dependencies – of course I will share a tutorial post as well.

Utility classes

I know it’s best practice to use utility classes to quickly add certain stylings to elements instead of having individual element classes with the entire stylings applied to it (I still do this) – but I figured whilst I am re-making the entire site, I try to use basic utility classes such for margins and alignments.

Contact form

If you haven’t noticed yet, if you click any of my “contact” call-to-actions, a modal of a conversational contact form pops up. This was achieved using Oxygen’s modal element and using Fluent Form’s conversational form. I figured this way would be a bit easier for someone to get in touch over clicking a “mailto” link and then being diverted to an email client or even a blank page.

Subscribe form

If you look on the bottom of this post, you may notice a subscribe call-to-action. This is something almost every single person that does contact me via the site, asks me about! I figured I’d utilise Fluent Form’s subscription form template to achieve this.

Code snippets

I was using a Prism.js plugin I put together for syntax highlighting on code snippets which I shared on my blog. Well..I removed this since I will be introducing a dark mode for this website and it got a bit complicated trying to find the right colours that look right for syntax highlighting. I most likely will introduce this again after I sort out the dark mode functionality.

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