Solved: How to use FTP after enabling Cloudflare CDN

Want to access your website via FTP but have connection issues after enabling Cloudflare? Here is a simple solution!


You enabled Cloudflare CDN (or any CDN for that matter) to protect and speed up your site and eventually you try to use FTP to access web files, say with FileZilla, but you run into time-out or connection issues. If you Google a solution, a lot of them will tell you to update some records in your Cloudflare DNS manager, but there’s an even better, non-technical solution!


Assuming you have your FTP credentials already set up and working pre-CDN, instead of entering your host name as (or something similar, which is usually the default), you will need to replace this with your host IP address – for example

You can find your direct host IP address listed in your hosting panel such as cPanel.

Enter all of your other FTP details the same, such as the Port, User, and Password.